Just Tri-it 

Today marked the kick off to my newest adventure. 

I watched farmgirls coach train last year with a group called the Just tri its.  ” Leeanne you have to do it with me next year.”  So this year I signed up and she had a series of events that prevented her from doing it with me this year. 

I walk into a room of chatty, smiling women and think “oh my this is too much for me. “. I don’t know anyone here. Then in the door walks fellow mommy and past running partner. Yay. Someone I know. 

Signed in. Received my swag bag which included a bag to carry all my supplies, gum, and some klneex. It also had a swim cap but due to my latex allergy that had to be removed. A quick game of get to know you bingo and then more prizes. I won a water bottle. 



I am looking forward to everything I will learn. We swim Sunday mornings, bike Monday eve and run on Thursdays.   I will be doing some cross training as well. Weights in the gym and riding my horses. I am excited to see the changes in my health and am glad I can be a good example for my kids. 

My list of excuses of not doing this are long but they are only excuses. I will do this.  I am sure some of my excuses are the same as others in the group, my husband works shift work so I will have to find a sitter, I have so much work on the farm, kids have actives the same nights as I have training, it’s three trips to the city in one week, and the biggest one is I won’t be able to finish. 

Hope you enjoy following me on my journey. 

Here is a few links to check out while waiting for the next post. 





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