Bike it

The Monday night bikes will be my biggest challenge. Why? Well my farmgirl competes in equestrian vaulting and Monday is her training nights.  They don’t end until I am already suppose to be the city on my bike. 

Today was not an actual train with group day, however farmgirls coach is sick and vaulting was cancelled, soooo on our bikes we hopped and away we went. 3.6km of gravel and strong winds and this is what we looked like. 

farmgirl (8yrs) and ma

I am so in love with my new wheels and hear gear.  A big shout out and thank you to Susan at Bruce’s Cycle Works She was so helpful in picking the right equipment for me. Also thanks to the guys at the Bike Doctor for the tune up on farmgirls wheels. 

Before I started The Just tri-it told that the most I was told the most the most important piece of equipment was a pair of bike shorts. Meh I am from the farm, I have been riding horses for twenty years I don’t need no bike shorts.   I was SO wrong. I can’t wait for shopping night at Bike Doctor first order of business will be bike shorts. 

Looking forward in learning some techniques on proper shifting. I am sure with some training our ride would have been much easier.  I’m will learn so much these next eight weeks it will be great. 


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