With the snow that we got over the weekend biking was cancelled tonight. So a group of us decided to swim. Rather some individuals each decided to swim and we became a group at the pool. 

I swam I think 9 maybe 10 laps and it felt great. 

I made some new friends Connie, Nancy and Alyssa.  It was great company and awesome to hear helpful hits from each other between laps.  There was a couple other familiar faces but I can’t remember names that well.  

The swimming is actually getting easier for me. I think it is one of the most challenging things for me but also the most rewarding.  

Before I went for a swim I did a short three and one on the treadmill. I am still struggling with foot pain, however I know I can get this done. 

With less then a month until the triathlon I am starting to get nervous and excited all at the same time.  

Oh and in case you were wondering, a couple of us had pool boys between our knees again 

Hehe.  Got to keep finding ways to post this picture  


Winter or spring??

April 26, 2015

What is with this nonsense?  

I had big plans for today.  Starting with a swim and then pony pedicures.

This snow has made us house bound. My husband had to take the truck to work and the car no has summer tires so not going to try that. Babysitter cancelled, kids got to sleep in and we are having a Jammie day.  

I was really looking forward to swimming this morning. Even with my shoulders killing me.  I went to the pool on Thursday before running and had a marvellous swim. Even had a light bulb moment. I was really looking forward to my swim. Oh well the wind isn’t up so a sit in the hot tub might be my swim for the day.  

The run on Thursday was good.  My foot pain was there and bad towards the end but I have tried a few new things since and think I have found a way to keep the pain at bay while running, I will try on the treadmill later and let you know how it goes.  

I tried to set my own pace but that was tough, big group ahead of me and me holding them up. Well kinda not really, they only had to make two circles back I think.  The volunteers say not to worry about pace and no one gets left behind, however you are talking to a group of women.  I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t want to be hindering anyone’s training and I do feel bad when they have to circle back, and with that I also felt bad for not turning back for a lady who was struggling in our group. I kept telling myself. “No one gets left behind, but we are leaving her behind.” , there was a volunteer with her but still we started as one group I felt bad for not finishing as one group.   Encouraging others to keep going is my way of keeping myself going. We move to three and ones this week and I am worried. I can and do three and ones on my own but I can’t do them at their pace. I don’t know what I am going to do. 

Have a great snowy day I hope those that made it to swimming had a good one I missed you all and the pool boys  

Oops wrong ones. 

I am going to end with some pictures of what I have been working on durning this snow.  







Man alive was it cold last night.  

I wore layers, including gloves and a thicker coat.  I was still cold.  

The wind made for a very tough ride.  Even going down hill I had to pedal to keep going forward. I don’t think I stopped peddling for the entire ride. Oh wait that is a lie. I stopped when we were working on cornering in the parking lot and also once before a down hill to tie my shoe.  

For the last part of the ride my legs were burning and I kept telling myself that I could do it I could finish it.  We come around the corner and there it was staring me in the face, another freaking hill. I will make it, I can make it, I will make it, push a little harder that’s all I could think. Then all of a sudden the voice in my head changed it became panicked.  “Please don’t puke.”  Oh my goodness I am going to barf.  I don’t think I have ever pushed myself this hard before.  Ride down the hill into the parking lot.  Oh crap there is lots of people still here. I can’t puke.  Please body don’t puke.  I had to sit in the car for a bit before I could drive.

I remember after the first ride telling a couple ladies that I really enjoyed the ride pushed myself harder then I had before and didn’t think it could get much tougher. I was dead wrong. I will keep my mouth shut. I won’t ever say how easy or difficult a training session is. 

I have set myself a goal of riding from my farm into the shaw centre by the end of summer.  That would be 38km. A cake walk for most of the group but a big task for me. 

I will be at the pool on Thursday at 6 for a swim before hitting the pavement for a run. 

Pool Boys

Yes you read that correct today when we showed up for swimming the pool boys were lined up waiting for us. 


Start with two laps for warm ups and then the boys are going to join you. 

I am one of four ladies in my lane.  Who will get the naughty boy, or the good boy maybe they are all bad maybe all are good. 

Our instructions are to hold the boys between our legs just above our knees and swim only using our arms. The boys will keep us floating. 

It didn’t take us long to find out that swimming with a boy between your thighs is a good workout, also between Karen, Caroline, Nancy and myself we decided that they were all bad boys. Mine kept trying to turn me over onto my back. Poor Ashley our coach must have thought we were nuts. If anything it was great for some laughs.  As much as we were thing it was pool boys like the ones above it was actually pool buoys like the ones below.


 It was a hard work out and my arms were killing me by the end.  It was the most fun I had swimming in a long time. Lots of joking and giggling, we even learned s think or two about how to improve our stroke.

We had a brief discussion after our swim about recovery drinks.  Some use G2, I personally use magnums, hi5 which I got at Popeyes. We even get a discount there, which is a bonus.   

Coaches did say to watch Facebook this week as they may be at the pool some extra days. So keep your eyes peeled for that info.  I will be there Thursday before we run. 

See you all tomorrow for a bike ride. Don’t forget your helmet 


I have been loving all the sessions we have had so far, but and this is a big but, I have been doing them all injured.  

I tore some muscles on the top of my foot two weeks before training started. I have been working through the pain. I even ran 3 and 1’s last week however this week I haven’t been able to get any extra runs in, the pain has been too much. 

I want to push myself but I don’t want to push to the point that I can’t do the race.  

For anyone that knows me, and for those that don’t, whenever I get in good habit of exercise. I get hurt. I stop. I heal. I take forever to get back to it. 

I can’t and won’t give up this time. 

I have stopped going to the gym on off days and am strictly doing the Just tri-it training sessions trying to get in an extra run, bike, swim. 

I have a huge choice to make before tomorrow stay at 3 and 1 or go down to 1 and 1.  My chiro says stay in 3 and 1, my husband says take a week off and I say I have no idea. 

How do you deal with injuries?  

Bike One 

Tonight was the first night that we rode as a group. It was also the first time in about 7 years that I rode within the city limits.  

As per usual I learned a few new things.

Most important lesson tonight.  Read the attachments on the emails before the ride. I saw the email. I looked at the map, I saw the attachment and said meh I will read that later.  We get spilt into our groups and I am waiting for the talk about shifting and when I should is the correct time to shift.  No talk get on an ride. Eek. I signed up for the wrong group.  

Lesson two

This was info given to me by I believe Nora ( I am so sorry if I got that wrong). Try and push my heels down when pedalling.  WOW. What an amazing difference.  It made the hill the second time much easier. Thank you. 

Lesson three

When you find a groove stay in it. Even if it means passing.  We all will get the training done and we all will cross the finish line.  We just won’t do it at the same time.  

Lesson 4 

Clothing is my friend.  I LOVE my $20 bike shorts.  I will be finding a light toque of some sort my head was cold tonight which made me work harder all together because I couldn’t warm up.  

The final lesson. 

I am stronger then I thought.  When the leader told us we were going to start out by going up ravine hill. I thought oh crap I am going to die. But then I did it. I biked all the way up the hill. I rode 13.69 km in just under an hour (doing ravine hill twice) and didn’t die. Did I push myself you bet my ass I did, it felt great, my legs felt slightly jello like when I got off, I was out of breath, I was sweating. I recovered quickly and nothing hurt. I expect my legs to be useless tomorrow and I am completely ok with that. 

A giant shout out and thanks to Susan at Bruce’s Cycle Works for helping me find the bike that works great for me. LOVED riding it tonight. Thanks again for your patience and help. 

So now that I have read the attachment from the email it makes tonight’s biking clear as mud and I look forward to next weeks ride.  I am going to try and convince farmpa to go on a bike date Friday. 

Stroke, stroke,stroke, breathe

Second time in the pool and well it went better then last week.  

I felt a little more in home in the pool this week. 

Building off my lessons from last week. 

I still can’t hear anything with my cap on.  Next week I am going to try a fabric cap. 

I tried to leave my goggles on, however I could see what the instructor was demonstrating. 

I left my wedding ring at home. I felt completely naked, however never had to worry about it falling off. 

I forgot to glue in my dentures so I struggled with keeping them in again. By next week my implants will be complete and I won’t have to worry about this. 

Michelle told me I had a great kick.  Yay. I am getting it back. She gave me some tips on my arms and I did a lap with that. What a difference. Thanks Michelle. 

I had it stuck in my mind to just swim at my own pace, I did that I wasn’t in a race with anyone. Yay me. That’s huge for me. 

There maybe nothing on the farm to help me train for swimming, however the hot tub on the farm helps all the sore muscles.  

I am going to try and swim before running on Thursday. At least half an hour. I bought a nose plug so I am hoping that will help with the water going up my nose, which in turn will help with my breathing. 

Next week will be swim in sports bra. I am told it is something to get use to. 

I am loving this experience and have a group of ladies to join me next year 

3 and 1

Last night was run night and I met some wonderful ladies.  

I really enjoyed the speaker last night. She spoke of running form it was great I applied what I could remember to the run and what’s difference. Changing little things like the position of your shoulders. Which I know isn’t really a little thing, however when you breakdown all the things you are doing when you run it is a little thing.  



Looks at all of the good students paying close attention to what is being said.  

I am running with an injury currently, with permission from my health care provider and farmpa.  By  changing my stride and body position I did  3 and 1 without feeling my injury.  I felt it when I stopped but didn’t feel it durning the run.

A fun warm up and then wih lots of fear i joined the green 3 and 1 group. I had just done the same run at home in the treadmill but on the road with other runners it is more difficult. We all have different paces, different run history, different levels of  fitness and experience.   It was a challenging night for me .  I got it done I did it  

45 minute drive home and  then a wondeful soak in the hot tub while watching the stars and  northern lights.  


 Go team Yellow and Denny 


Shopping and knowledge that’s what tonight was all about and I loved it.  

First off a huge thank you to Greg and the staff at Bike Doctor for all you help and the sales. 

The big talk in the store tonight I found was what does one wear, I don’t mean how can we look beautiful, more what is going to function the best and we can find ourselves wearing in public.  How can we make transitions work best for us and what is going to make all three parts of the race easier to do.  One suggestion was to wear tri shorts and a sports bra to swim in and then add a shirt and possible jacket for bike and run. That sounds like a great idea however the only one who gets to see my bare midriff is my husband.  I like the padding of the cycle shorts but didn’t like the way they felt on at all. The tri suits intrigued me, however only one size was there and it wasn’t my size. I know I can’t run in my bathing suit, so what am I going to wear on race day. I haven’t a sniff but I have started some online research, so who know in the end.  

I need a bell for my bike. Who would have thought that this would be such an important part of race day. Not I. Nor did I think it would be so hard to pick one that suited me and my bike. I spent two days shopping for just the right bike and I love my new bike. However a bell that very personal and can add that punch on my mountain bike. 

I have my helmet and love that it is ponytail compatible and that it fits so good.  I have learnt my lesson the hard way about not protecting my head so it was very important for me to find just the right helmet. The only thing wrong with my helmet is that it doesn’t match my bike. I tend to be a little matchy matchy.  

The hardest part for me was deciding which group to bike in. I am not a beginner and not an expert, so that leaves me with beginner plus or intermediate.  After talking to a couple different people I have decided that I will try the intermediate and can always move down a class if need be.  

I really enjoyed talking with all the ladies this evening and it was so great to see so many out. Oh and Tanya this is your one miss. We are keeping each other on track. We first talked about doing this 7 years ago and here we are doing it.  We deserve this and we can do it.  

See you all on Thursday for our run. 

Sink or swim 

I am happy to say I swim not sink.

I learnt way more then I expected to this morning.  I am very comfortable in the water.  I have always been a strong swimmer, however I have not swam in close to a decade.  I take my kids swimming I go in a pool on a regular basis but I mean actually swim.  

Swimsuit on, swim cap on, goggles on and I am ready for the pool.  So I thought. Follow is the list of things I learnt this morning.

  1. I am already hard of hearing and a swim cap means I hear nothing
  2. Don’t take your goggles off between laps they will fog up. 
  3. Leave wedding ring at home, so I am not distracted by it feeling like it will fall off. 
  4. When I start to get tired my dentures get loose, make sure to put glue in until implants are done.
  5. It will take more then one Sunday in the pool to be great a swimming again. 
  6. I will not be the fastest swimmer I will kill myself if I try to keep up with some of these ladies.  
  7. There is nothing on the farm to help me train for this 

The biggest lesson I have learnt in this first week of training is that I am very very competitive.  Which I already knew however I need to find a way to control it so that I don’t hurt myself trying to keep up with the ladies that have been doing this way longer.  I need to figure out what realistic goals I can set for me. 

Shopping night at the bike doctor tomorrow. Yeah, Bike shorts.  It is also a weight day at the gym for me.