The gym

I am very lucky to have a wonderful friend who has her own gym. We are both heavier then we want to be, I tried to get her to do Just tri-it with me, however she is petrified of water and hates running. Since being at the kick off I have told her there are so many other people just like you who are doing this.  You can do this.  Any way back to the gym. We are going three days a week and trying to hit it on non training days for me. 

Yesterday was arm day,  I worked them well, I love the burn and sweat.  I was also doing sprints between my sets.  By the time we got home my arms shook whenever I tried to lift something. 

I planned on having a relaxing afternoon of sewing and resting my muscles. Well number one rule of living on s farm nothing goes as planned.  

Yarin, one of my milking does, decided that it was time to kid.  She had a buck and doe.  The buck was huge I had to help her by pulling the kid.  I tell you my arms didn’t want to work. At one point I didn’t think I could do it. However I had no choice, farmpa was a work, the farm children at school and if I didn’t get that kid out I could lose the momma.  I gave it my all and out he came but man alive did it hurt.  I did it, I DID IT, I DID IT.  When I thought I had nothing left I did it.  I will have to remember this when doing all my tri training.  Momma goat is doing good with her babies Charm the girl and Circut the boy. Only the boy is in the picture. 

I haven’t even started training and I am considering taking part in a sprint triathlon in June. 

My body is strong and all the coaches will help me get to where I need to be by race day. 


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