Run Ma Run

Ekkk. I am so nervous I won’t be able to finish the run tonight, my foot won’t hold out, how can I tell Tanya I don’t think I can do 3/1.  

All day all these excuses were running through my head. My entire day, all I thought about was not being able to run.  

Before I get into how this evenings first run went let me give you a little of my running history and current status. I started running in 2007.  I met this crazy lady at a group for first time moms.   That crazy lady is Tanya fellow   just tri it participant.  We started out just walking pushing our girls in the stroller.  Then we ran and then we ran a race called the dirty dozen.  It was great amazing fun.  

Tanya , the girls and I

Through the years I have continued to run on and off but never doing another race.  That is until now.   However I start this training with an injury.  Three weeks ago I torn some of the muscles on the top of my foot.  I could use it as an excuse but no I AM DOING THIS.   

I decided last week that I would start out in the run 3 walk 1 group.  However with how my foot feel horrible and not yet having new runners the 3 and 1 was scaring the living daylights out of me,  but I could do the one and one because I had committed to doing the 3/1 with Tanya.  What is a girl to do?

Thankfully Tanya didn’t feel up to 3/1 either so it was 1/1 for us tonight.  Get to the gym and learn some great things about socks and runners from the great staff of Brainsport, warm up and hit the road to run.  

We had a great leader for our 1/1 group I can’t remember her name for the life of me.   About the third maybe the fourth run it felt like my foot would explode.  I pushed through it and I DID IT.  Worked but not hard, had my foot not been injured 3/1 would have been it for me.  Finish the night off with stretches.

Well not really.  New runners from Brainsport, 45 minute drive home, tell farmpa every detail of run, and now it’s the end of the night. 530am milkings come early.  


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