Who is Farmfitma

Since today is a rest day for me.  Kinda sorta, I get into that more in a bit.  I thought I would let you know a little about who I am. 

I am a 35 year old Christian wife and mother.  Farmpa and I have been married for 13 years and have two beautiful children farmgirl 8 and farmboy 6. We live on a small scale farm west of Saskatoon Saskatchewan and raise La Mancha goats (a dairy goat) and laying hens.  I stay home and look at the children and farm with farmpa works off the farm.  We plant a huge garden each spring, with lots of yummy veggies for fresh eating and canning.  We also have 4 horses and a donkey. 

So aside from all of that. And more just about me and not my way of life. I have been struggling with my weight since my early teens. I have been a yo yo dieter all my adult life.  I have been lucky and had no major health concerns other then obesity. I was 275 pounds at my heaviest point.  Not something to be proud of but I am proud that I am no longer there.  I have always been an active person and have always loved to run. I have a bad habit of over doing it and getting an injury.  

In 2007 I was told I had PCOS ( poly systic ovarian syndrome).  I was doing cardio five days a week, weights 3 days a week, eating well and not losing any weight. It was extremely frustrating, It lead to depression and over eating. Was put on some medications and shorty after was pregnant with my second.  

I hit a major road bump in 2013. I was involved in a major horse accident and walked away with a major concussion. I could look at it as the worst thing that ever happened to me but instead I think it was the best thing.  So many things were brought to my attention durning my healing period.  I was having major migraines, light and noise seemed to bring them on.  However after actually focusing on my body I found that caffeine and sugar played a huge role in my migraines as well.  Several month after my accident I was having intense, no not intense that is not a strong enough word, I was having back pain so bad that I was no longer sleeping and was always nauseous.  On advice from a fellow riders was told to go see Dr.Kiva a chiropractor at Confederation Chiropractic, he would Beatle to help with my pain and migraines.  Well that first visit he sent me for X-rays and that was it.  I was so disappointed. I wanted to be fixed. Second visit he told me what they X-rays said, I had the back of a 70 year old woman.  I was told no horses, no exercise other then a slow walk on flat surface no hills and put on a strict chiropractic treatment plan. 2 weeks in I felt better a month in and those around me could see a difference. 5 months after treatment I was back on horses and able to run on a treadmill. At this point life took another turn. 

This is when I decided I needed to be the best role model possible for my young children. I completely took my life and flopped it upside down. I have have always  been a high carb (bad carbs) kinda girl and a major emotional eater.  I started eating paleo In March and by October I had lost 40 pounds and 7 dress sizes.  

one year difference

It was hard very very hard.  I took a break and have gained 10 pounds back. 

Which brings us to present day. I am getting back on track. Eating better (err was Until today) and getting moving.  I go to the gym three times a week, am doing 3 days a  week training with the Just tri-it program and then my usual daily farm chores.  My daily chores include milking two goats at 530am, using a pitch fork throwing about 50 pounds of hay to the goats once in the am and dependant on weather sometimes again in the late eve, hauling 4 five gallon pails of water to the goats, one 6 gallon water to the chickens and then one 30 pound bag of grain to the chickens every other day.  Other chores are mucking out the goat pens and chicken coops. Those are big workouts all on their own.  

I am enjoying the program so far and am trying to bust out if my shy shell.  Say hi and introduce yourself.  I would love to get to know you better I just am too scared to start the conversation myself.  See you at pool tomorrow ( I swim 950 to 1025) and happy Easter.  He is risen. 


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