Sink or swim 

I am happy to say I swim not sink.

I learnt way more then I expected to this morning.  I am very comfortable in the water.  I have always been a strong swimmer, however I have not swam in close to a decade.  I take my kids swimming I go in a pool on a regular basis but I mean actually swim.  

Swimsuit on, swim cap on, goggles on and I am ready for the pool.  So I thought. Follow is the list of things I learnt this morning.

  1. I am already hard of hearing and a swim cap means I hear nothing
  2. Don’t take your goggles off between laps they will fog up. 
  3. Leave wedding ring at home, so I am not distracted by it feeling like it will fall off. 
  4. When I start to get tired my dentures get loose, make sure to put glue in until implants are done.
  5. It will take more then one Sunday in the pool to be great a swimming again. 
  6. I will not be the fastest swimmer I will kill myself if I try to keep up with some of these ladies.  
  7. There is nothing on the farm to help me train for this 

The biggest lesson I have learnt in this first week of training is that I am very very competitive.  Which I already knew however I need to find a way to control it so that I don’t hurt myself trying to keep up with the ladies that have been doing this way longer.  I need to figure out what realistic goals I can set for me. 

Shopping night at the bike doctor tomorrow. Yeah, Bike shorts.  It is also a weight day at the gym for me. 


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