Shopping and knowledge that’s what tonight was all about and I loved it.  

First off a huge thank you to Greg and the staff at Bike Doctor for all you help and the sales. 

The big talk in the store tonight I found was what does one wear, I don’t mean how can we look beautiful, more what is going to function the best and we can find ourselves wearing in public.  How can we make transitions work best for us and what is going to make all three parts of the race easier to do.  One suggestion was to wear tri shorts and a sports bra to swim in and then add a shirt and possible jacket for bike and run. That sounds like a great idea however the only one who gets to see my bare midriff is my husband.  I like the padding of the cycle shorts but didn’t like the way they felt on at all. The tri suits intrigued me, however only one size was there and it wasn’t my size. I know I can’t run in my bathing suit, so what am I going to wear on race day. I haven’t a sniff but I have started some online research, so who know in the end.  

I need a bell for my bike. Who would have thought that this would be such an important part of race day. Not I. Nor did I think it would be so hard to pick one that suited me and my bike. I spent two days shopping for just the right bike and I love my new bike. However a bell that very personal and can add that punch on my mountain bike. 

I have my helmet and love that it is ponytail compatible and that it fits so good.  I have learnt my lesson the hard way about not protecting my head so it was very important for me to find just the right helmet. The only thing wrong with my helmet is that it doesn’t match my bike. I tend to be a little matchy matchy.  

The hardest part for me was deciding which group to bike in. I am not a beginner and not an expert, so that leaves me with beginner plus or intermediate.  After talking to a couple different people I have decided that I will try the intermediate and can always move down a class if need be.  

I really enjoyed talking with all the ladies this evening and it was so great to see so many out. Oh and Tanya this is your one miss. We are keeping each other on track. We first talked about doing this 7 years ago and here we are doing it.  We deserve this and we can do it.  

See you all on Thursday for our run. 


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