3 and 1

Last night was run night and I met some wonderful ladies.  

I really enjoyed the speaker last night. She spoke of running form it was great I applied what I could remember to the run and what’s difference. Changing little things like the position of your shoulders. Which I know isn’t really a little thing, however when you breakdown all the things you are doing when you run it is a little thing.  



Looks at all of the good students paying close attention to what is being said.  

I am running with an injury currently, with permission from my health care provider and farmpa.  By  changing my stride and body position I did  3 and 1 without feeling my injury.  I felt it when I stopped but didn’t feel it durning the run.

A fun warm up and then wih lots of fear i joined the green 3 and 1 group. I had just done the same run at home in the treadmill but on the road with other runners it is more difficult. We all have different paces, different run history, different levels of  fitness and experience.   It was a challenging night for me .  I got it done I did it  

45 minute drive home and  then a wondeful soak in the hot tub while watching the stars and  northern lights.  


 Go team Yellow and Denny 


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