Stroke, stroke,stroke, breathe

Second time in the pool and well it went better then last week.  

I felt a little more in home in the pool this week. 

Building off my lessons from last week. 

I still can’t hear anything with my cap on.  Next week I am going to try a fabric cap. 

I tried to leave my goggles on, however I could see what the instructor was demonstrating. 

I left my wedding ring at home. I felt completely naked, however never had to worry about it falling off. 

I forgot to glue in my dentures so I struggled with keeping them in again. By next week my implants will be complete and I won’t have to worry about this. 

Michelle told me I had a great kick.  Yay. I am getting it back. She gave me some tips on my arms and I did a lap with that. What a difference. Thanks Michelle. 

I had it stuck in my mind to just swim at my own pace, I did that I wasn’t in a race with anyone. Yay me. That’s huge for me. 

There maybe nothing on the farm to help me train for swimming, however the hot tub on the farm helps all the sore muscles.  

I am going to try and swim before running on Thursday. At least half an hour. I bought a nose plug so I am hoping that will help with the water going up my nose, which in turn will help with my breathing. 

Next week will be swim in sports bra. I am told it is something to get use to. 

I am loving this experience and have a group of ladies to join me next year 


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