Bike One 

Tonight was the first night that we rode as a group. It was also the first time in about 7 years that I rode within the city limits.  

As per usual I learned a few new things.

Most important lesson tonight.  Read the attachments on the emails before the ride. I saw the email. I looked at the map, I saw the attachment and said meh I will read that later.  We get spilt into our groups and I am waiting for the talk about shifting and when I should is the correct time to shift.  No talk get on an ride. Eek. I signed up for the wrong group.  

Lesson two

This was info given to me by I believe Nora ( I am so sorry if I got that wrong). Try and push my heels down when pedalling.  WOW. What an amazing difference.  It made the hill the second time much easier. Thank you. 

Lesson three

When you find a groove stay in it. Even if it means passing.  We all will get the training done and we all will cross the finish line.  We just won’t do it at the same time.  

Lesson 4 

Clothing is my friend.  I LOVE my $20 bike shorts.  I will be finding a light toque of some sort my head was cold tonight which made me work harder all together because I couldn’t warm up.  

The final lesson. 

I am stronger then I thought.  When the leader told us we were going to start out by going up ravine hill. I thought oh crap I am going to die. But then I did it. I biked all the way up the hill. I rode 13.69 km in just under an hour (doing ravine hill twice) and didn’t die. Did I push myself you bet my ass I did, it felt great, my legs felt slightly jello like when I got off, I was out of breath, I was sweating. I recovered quickly and nothing hurt. I expect my legs to be useless tomorrow and I am completely ok with that. 

A giant shout out and thanks to Susan at Bruce’s Cycle Works for helping me find the bike that works great for me. LOVED riding it tonight. Thanks again for your patience and help. 

So now that I have read the attachment from the email it makes tonight’s biking clear as mud and I look forward to next weeks ride.  I am going to try and convince farmpa to go on a bike date Friday. 


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