I have been loving all the sessions we have had so far, but and this is a big but, I have been doing them all injured.  

I tore some muscles on the top of my foot two weeks before training started. I have been working through the pain. I even ran 3 and 1’s last week however this week I haven’t been able to get any extra runs in, the pain has been too much. 

I want to push myself but I don’t want to push to the point that I can’t do the race.  

For anyone that knows me, and for those that don’t, whenever I get in good habit of exercise. I get hurt. I stop. I heal. I take forever to get back to it. 

I can’t and won’t give up this time. 

I have stopped going to the gym on off days and am strictly doing the Just tri-it training sessions trying to get in an extra run, bike, swim. 

I have a huge choice to make before tomorrow stay at 3 and 1 or go down to 1 and 1.  My chiro says stay in 3 and 1, my husband says take a week off and I say I have no idea. 

How do you deal with injuries?  


One thought on “Dissapoinment

  1. I’m pretty quick to run to the physiotherapist when I’m injured, which thankfully isn’t too often. I see Isobel at Zone Sports Physical Therapy if you need someone! She is fantastic. Good luck in your recovery, I know your determination will help get you through.


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