Pool Boys

Yes you read that correct today when we showed up for swimming the pool boys were lined up waiting for us. 


Start with two laps for warm ups and then the boys are going to join you. 

I am one of four ladies in my lane.  Who will get the naughty boy, or the good boy maybe they are all bad maybe all are good. 

Our instructions are to hold the boys between our legs just above our knees and swim only using our arms. The boys will keep us floating. 

It didn’t take us long to find out that swimming with a boy between your thighs is a good workout, also between Karen, Caroline, Nancy and myself we decided that they were all bad boys. Mine kept trying to turn me over onto my back. Poor Ashley our coach must have thought we were nuts. If anything it was great for some laughs.  As much as we were thing it was pool boys like the ones above it was actually pool buoys like the ones below.


 It was a hard work out and my arms were killing me by the end.  It was the most fun I had swimming in a long time. Lots of joking and giggling, we even learned s think or two about how to improve our stroke.

We had a brief discussion after our swim about recovery drinks.  Some use G2, I personally use magnums, hi5 which I got at Popeyes. We even get a discount there, which is a bonus.   

Coaches did say to watch Facebook this week as they may be at the pool some extra days. So keep your eyes peeled for that info.  I will be there Thursday before we run. 

See you all tomorrow for a bike ride. Don’t forget your helmet 


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