Man alive was it cold last night.  

I wore layers, including gloves and a thicker coat.  I was still cold.  

The wind made for a very tough ride.  Even going down hill I had to pedal to keep going forward. I don’t think I stopped peddling for the entire ride. Oh wait that is a lie. I stopped when we were working on cornering in the parking lot and also once before a down hill to tie my shoe.  

For the last part of the ride my legs were burning and I kept telling myself that I could do it I could finish it.  We come around the corner and there it was staring me in the face, another freaking hill. I will make it, I can make it, I will make it, push a little harder that’s all I could think. Then all of a sudden the voice in my head changed it became panicked.  “Please don’t puke.”  Oh my goodness I am going to barf.  I don’t think I have ever pushed myself this hard before.  Ride down the hill into the parking lot.  Oh crap there is lots of people still here. I can’t puke.  Please body don’t puke.  I had to sit in the car for a bit before I could drive.

I remember after the first ride telling a couple ladies that I really enjoyed the ride pushed myself harder then I had before and didn’t think it could get much tougher. I was dead wrong. I will keep my mouth shut. I won’t ever say how easy or difficult a training session is. 

I have set myself a goal of riding from my farm into the shaw centre by the end of summer.  That would be 38km. A cake walk for most of the group but a big task for me. 

I will be at the pool on Thursday at 6 for a swim before hitting the pavement for a run. 


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