Winter or spring??

April 26, 2015

What is with this nonsense?  

I had big plans for today.  Starting with a swim and then pony pedicures.

This snow has made us house bound. My husband had to take the truck to work and the car no has summer tires so not going to try that. Babysitter cancelled, kids got to sleep in and we are having a Jammie day.  

I was really looking forward to swimming this morning. Even with my shoulders killing me.  I went to the pool on Thursday before running and had a marvellous swim. Even had a light bulb moment. I was really looking forward to my swim. Oh well the wind isn’t up so a sit in the hot tub might be my swim for the day.  

The run on Thursday was good.  My foot pain was there and bad towards the end but I have tried a few new things since and think I have found a way to keep the pain at bay while running, I will try on the treadmill later and let you know how it goes.  

I tried to set my own pace but that was tough, big group ahead of me and me holding them up. Well kinda not really, they only had to make two circles back I think.  The volunteers say not to worry about pace and no one gets left behind, however you are talking to a group of women.  I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t want to be hindering anyone’s training and I do feel bad when they have to circle back, and with that I also felt bad for not turning back for a lady who was struggling in our group. I kept telling myself. “No one gets left behind, but we are leaving her behind.” , there was a volunteer with her but still we started as one group I felt bad for not finishing as one group.   Encouraging others to keep going is my way of keeping myself going. We move to three and ones this week and I am worried. I can and do three and ones on my own but I can’t do them at their pace. I don’t know what I am going to do. 

Have a great snowy day I hope those that made it to swimming had a good one I missed you all and the pool boys  

Oops wrong ones. 

I am going to end with some pictures of what I have been working on durning this snow.  







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