Swim, run, swim

Its been a crazy couple of days out here on the farm so I am a little behind in my blogging. 

First of I have made it habit to swim for twenty minutes or so before we run on Thursdays. I am really enjoying the extra pool time, plus the light bulb always seems to come on when I am in the pool alone. 

Thursday nights run was AMAZING.  I was worried about doing three and ones but my only other option was one and ones.  I wasn’t going back down to one and ones.  I made up my mind that I would set my own pace and not let anyone finish the run alone.  Michelle led us up and down bridges, up stairs and at a great pace.  We all started together, and we all finished together. 

Today at swim it was endurance training. Holy freaking crap. I was hoping that this far into training I would be in better shape. I work myself too hard when I start with the group, I quickly get out of breath and then I am screwed for the rest of the swim. I need to learn to just set my own pace.   Today’s swim consisted of 50 warm up, 50 legs only, 50 arms only, 50 hydrant, then came the endurance, 25,5 sec off, 50, 10 sec off, 75, 20 off, 100,25 off, 75, 20 off, 50, 10 off, 25. Cool down with another 50. I may try it again on Thursday. 

Came home for a quiet day with kids. The rain kept me from yard work so I did some quilting instead. 

Here is a picture of the customer quilt I finished today  

the front



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