The end is in sight 

So sorry for not blogging in the last couple of weeks. Life has been crazy and I haven’t trained in the last week. 

Why? You may ask have I not trained in the last week. Well last Monday after we biked ( it was a great bike that I really really pushed myself in) I had a coughing spell that lasted s good ten minutes.  Then it happened again several times on the way home. I didn’t have a great sleep either. The next morning my gym buddy and I decided to do a gravel bike ride and I coughed and coughed and coughed some more. It seemed any time I did anything  remotely physical I went into a coughing fit.  After a week of coughing I went to the walk in clinic and the told the doc what was going on.  I was also very clear that I had a triathlon on the weekend and I needed to finish it standing.  After doing a couple quick little test he tells me that he is almost certain that I have exercised induced asthma and prescribes me an inhaler.  Well life is getting better with the inhaler and I will finish Sunday on two feet.  

Tonight at the race kick off we got our start times and lanes for swimming.  I start at 915 in lane 3. Come out and cheer me on. Bring big signs and a camera. I can’t take selfies while I run. 

After the kick off I rode the bike course once with the wonderful Rhonda and then a second time on my own.  Guess what I didn’t cough up a lung afterwards. Yay. 

Watch for a race day blog. Can’t wait to do this and kill it. 


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