Race day

Five am. It time to get up and get ready for the race.  

I have a good breakfast and enjoying a quiet house. I have my bag all packed up and loaded into the truck. 

That is when I notice, Cash a two month old goat kid is missing.  I really don’t have time for this.  After climbing through the trees and fence I find him. I get him untangled and  in a pen that I know he can’t get out of.  15 minutes behind schedule and I am on the road. 

Got my transition area set up and was ready to go. An hour wait for my 915 start. That was the worst part. I a not good at waiting and waiting on race day is even worse. 

Swimming with four new ladies and we decide that I am going to swim last. Out of the four us. I was keeping steady pace the with the lady infront of me. I kept thinking that I should pass but at the same time it was probably a good thing I didn’t because I had to go that little bit slower. Which helped me in my bike. 

The transition was not as smooth as I was hoping. I couldn’t get my capris up and my shirt got stuck on my back. I managed to get it done and out on the trail. 

The first round went well other than the goose in the path. Second and third round found more people walking the trails and more geese. I had to tell myself to slow a couple times as I could feel y chest tightening and it getting harder and harder to breathe. 

Second transition was much easier. Exchange helmet for cap and out I go. 

Two laps of the run. I didn’t hold my 3 and 1 that I wanted to but I did get it done and I ran across the finish line.  50 minutes start to finish. I am pretty happy with that  

It was great to have my husband and kids were there to watch and cheer me on. I look forward to next year and continuing my training trough the summer and winter.  

Stay tuned to hear about my crazy farm adventures and my fitness achievements. 


One thought on “Race day

  1. Wow – sounds like you had such a great race!! I had a heck of a time in the first transition too – felt like I was in there for a half hour struggling to get clothes on. Your kids’ signs are awesome!! Congratulations. 🙂


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