Now what

Want to know what I have been up too since the race. Well it’s quite the list.

First and foremost I have been learning how to exercise with asthma. It’s tough but it’s getting easier.  The biggest thing is meeting all the others that also have asthma and exercise as hard or harder then I do. 

I have joined a boot camp here in Asquith. We workout twice a week and Karl works the snot out of us. Pushes each one of us to our limits. I have also hired him as a personal trainer. I know I am nuts. Group workouts feel like I am going to die. I can’t imagine how hard I will be push one on one. 

I have committed to doing the foam fest at pike lake July 4 th. I can’t wait for it. I have also set the goal of riding my bike 80km by the end of summer.  

Other then that I have been keeping farm fit with my daily chores of watering and feeding 18 goats and an uncountable number of chickens. 

What are your summer plans what are your future goals?  Looking for something different or kid friendly to do. Let me know, I am always willing to have people out for a hike though the bush. 


One thought on “Now what

  1. Leeanne, I have asthma too, and I know how hard it is at first. Air temperature and humidity make a huge difference for me, and it really took some experimenting to figure out my best time of day to exercise for each season. It does get easier, and your determination will help you a lot! Good luck, and keep me updated. 🙂


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