Foam fest. 

Yep I did it.  

I ran the 5km Foam Fest. What is this you may ask.  Well it is a 5 km fun run that has 20 obstacles that include foam or mud of both.  Giant slip and slides, mud pits, bouncy house and much more.  

I had the pleasure of completing this race with many friends. Some in the same heat as me and some not.  I was very lucky to have my coach run/struggle through it with me.  He helped coax me to keep going when I thought I was done. I did all but one obstacle and I am kicking myself in the behind for not doing it.  

If you are looking for a fun and relaxed run that is also completely challenging this is one for you. 

Those of us that ran it this year all plan on doing it again next year. Even a couple spouses and children plan on joining us. The race is open to anyone over the age 8. 

Here are the few pictures that farmpa was able to get.  

Heading into the foam. The foam was coconut oil based. We were warned at beginning of the race to not digest it as it did also have soap in it.  

The gent in the blue is my coach the spot of brown hair by him is me. The foam is so deep I couldn’t see anything. 

The kids ran the finish line with Karl and I.  Event staff even gave them medals. It was a great day, a great race and so glad that my family was there to support me. 


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