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174 days since my last blog post. Yikes. Well let me get you caught up a bit. 

This summer included lots of camping and being fit with my littles. 

fitness with the littles

Fall brought on run training. I set a date for November 21st. The Gingerbread run. My Goal 5km no walking.  

Lots of training then. Pick up race package.  

Race day came and I finished and met my goal. Waiting at the finish line two great friends. Left is my runspiration and right a good friend I met camping this summer. 

I really enjoyed the race and have signed up for the resolution run on December 31st. 

My trainer helped me train for the Gingerbread run and now I am run training on my own. My trainer is now focused on weight lifting with me.  I must say it has always scared me to try this.  I LOVE IT. I feel so amazing after lifting. Once a week I train with Karl and then he sends me home with homework for three times at home durning the week. Enjoy some pictures that Karl has taken while I workout. 

What’s in store for 2016. More weight lifting, more running, more biking and some horseback riding. 

Also more blogging.