How I came to be a Runner

Just over a year ago I started this blog as I was training for my first mini triathlon.  I did that suffered many injuries and obstacles while training.  However I completed it and made some new inspiring woman friends.

That sparked my need to be in better physical shape then I was.

In June I hired a personal trainer, who I am still working with and Finished my first 5km run in 8 years at the Foam Fest in July.

When I sat down with Coach at my first session, we set some goals.  At that point my goal was to complete the 10km run at the Saskatchewan Marathon in May of 2016.

I completed the Gingerbread Run in November and The Resolotion Run December 31st.  My times were getting better and better and I was actually really enjoying running .

In January I turned 36 and woke up ad felt like I needed to do something big and that my goal of 10 km was too easy.  I signed up for the half marathon, at the Saskatchewan Marathon in May.  My heart sank and I freaked out.  What did I just do? How was I going to do this?

I started training on my own the end of January and things started getting real.

I was making the distances I needed to but I didn’t feel like I was improving as a runner.   I had been thinking about joining one of the run classes in Saskatoon. I just couldn’t figure out which one.  I ended up signing up for the half marathon course through BRAINSPORT, with Mike McDonald as the coach.

February 29th, I started with the group.  I cried myself all the way home.  I felt so deflated.  I couldn’t come close to keeping up with the others.  What was I thinking that I was good enough to run with these people, I wasn’t a runner.  I had set my self up for failure.

An email to coach Mike and a phone call with fellow runner and friend Michyla and I felt a little better and decided I would go back the next week.  The next two weeks there was a lots of crying and lots of beating myself up.  I had lots of other things going on in my life at this time as well.  I was an emotional wreck.  I could feel the crash coming.

SNAP, just like that I decided that I was not going to fail and no matter how many people told me I couldn’t do it, no matter how slow I was and no matter how much I felt like dying after my Monday night runs with Mike and the group.  I was going to do it.  I started to see improvements in my running.

This past weekend I finished my first Half Marathon.  It took me 3 hours 13 minutes and 45 seconds.  I will make another blog about the run and what it did to me.

This morning the day after finishing my big race.  My legs are sore, I am beyond emotional and all I can think about is when I can run again.  How I can becoming even faster and how I am going to crush my time next year.

I am a runner, I feel like a runner.

So to all you out there who think you are too slow, too large, too old.  Your not. A mile is a Mile no matter how long it takes you to do it.  One foot in front of the other, arms pumping, head held high.  YOU ARE A RUNNER.  I don’t know how many races I will get  done this year, I do know that I will continue to run and 2017 I will tackle the half again.

A special thanks to all you supported and inspired me on my journey to be a runner.  My husband Ian, kids Kiera and Jayden, Janelle, Michyla, Karl, Mike, Dr.Kiva, Connie, Rhonda, Suzanne, Valerie, Liz and I am sure I am missing some.  Thank you all, for being who you are.