Half Marathon

What is a half marathon?  

There is a couple different answers. There is one answer that is the same no matter who you ask. It is 21.1 km. 

For me it was many different things. 

It was 18 weeks of brutal training. It was 18 weeks of finding new strengths. 14 weeks in a run program where I was pushed past all my limits and made some great friends. In that 18 weeks I went through 2 pairs of shoes, dropped a pant size and somewhere along the road shed 15 ish pounds. I have wanted to count the training km, however came to the conclusion that I really don’t want to know. 

A half marathon is a huge accomplishment. I am so tired of people saying “oh. You only ran the half.”  Drives me bonkers. That is more than four 5km races in one day. 

It was mind opening. I learned so much about myself. The things that really bother me and the things that I can let run off my back. 

I also found out who supports me and who just pretends too. Those who think I can accomplish anything I put my mind to and those who have no faith in me. 

I found my beauty. In the the last two weeks of training I starting seeing my body in a completely different way. Inside and out I love me and who I am. I love all my curves and all my strength. 

The less important things I learned were: nothing beats a good pair of socks. There is no sports bra strong enough to keep my girls contained. Body glide is a runners best friend. A plus size woman sweats in places I didn’t know existed.  You can’t get your runners off fast enough after a race. 

A half marathon was the hardest thing I have ever done. I can’t wait to do another. 

What is a half marathon to you? 


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