This isn’t usually a hard thing for me. I can usually set goals no problem. 

However I usually don’t reach my goals.  

In January I set the goal to run a half marathon. This was the first goal that I set and achieved. 

I am about to start training with my personal trainer again and he has asked me to set three goals. One to achieve in 12 weeks, one for in a year and one lifetime goal. 

I have been struggling for the last week trying to come up with some. I think I have my one year and my one lifetime. It’s just the 12 week goal I am having some trouble. 

My current coach is very into strongman lifting and feels I would excel at this. I was strongman lifting in the winter and enjoyed it. I just have no clue what an attainable goal would be in this sport. 

I also want to lower my body fat. I have been trying to do this for many years with very little success. 

I have thought about adding in some goals that would improve my running.

Goals to improve my horseback riding and to ride more often.  

My daughter wants me to dead lift 300lbs and ride my bike 40km. 

My son wants me to be a happy mom. 

My husband wants me to continue to improve my health. 

Now what do I want. I want to find a goal that is achievable yet still just out of my reach. 

So in the  end what have I decided. 

My life time goal is to become a running coach. 

My one year goal is to run a half marathon in under 3 hours. 

My 12 week goal is to add 30lbs to each of the follow lifts: 

dead lift from 230-260

Squat lift from 170-200

Bench lift from 110-140

And also remove 2 minutes from my one mile run. 12.11-10.11


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