To achieve goals one must stay accountable. 

Well three months ago I set some goals and now it’s time to let you all know how I did on them. 
I failed. I didn’t accomplish any of them. I worked out most of the summer maintaining my weight and running training.  However I got frustrated with all my training because I wasn’t loosing any weight which is my main goal. 

So now October 2nd and how am I going to continue on with my big goal of losing weight and maintain accountability.  

First off I started a squad. 

Which is a group of women who are important in my life and who I know will keep me on track. I keep this group up to date on how my day goes what I struggle with and what I totally rocked.  If I need help with any particular aspect of my life I can ask these lovely ladies.  


 I fired my trainer and searched hard for a new one. My old trainer was good however I just didn’t feel like he was listening to my goals. The new trainer that I seeking will be an online coach and most likely a woman.  I have one that I am trying starting on Monday. 


I signed up for a race a month for the next four months. Which one of my squad is going to join me on. Most of these races are 10km runs. I have a trading program I am following and have put all training runs in my calander. 


Last and most definitely not least. I am involving my husband and children in all the health choices I am making. 

If you want to follow more of my health journey you can find me on Instagram @farmfitma. I lost almost all my workouts there.