I am all about personal development and goals this year.  This means I am reading lots, of books, following inspiring people on social media and listening to many podcasts. Look at the bottom of this blog for my favorites.  The one thing I find that lots of these things have in common is how they stress the importance of the choices that we make.

I can give you a million (well maybe not a million) excuses as to why I have not achieved many of my goals over the years.  However in reality I didn’t reach these goals because of the choices that I made.  Call it low self-esteem, self sabotage or lazy. It is ony because I made the choices that I felt were easier at the time.

Now that I recognize that I have to make harder choices.  It means digging deep and being really raw with myself.  Some of the choices that I may make will be hard on other people, the thing that I have to remember is that it is about how it makes me feel not how other people feel.  Dont get me wrong I am not going out there to try to hurt people, I am going out there to be the best me possible.  

The choices we have to make daily are everything from very simple to very complex. Many of the choices that we make we don’t even know we are making them.  Those are the ones that could be impacting your life the most.  The little choices that I make that have become habits can be the ones that are damaging me the most.  Reaching for the sweet food instead of the veggie or fruit.  Having a cup of coffee instead of a glass of water. There are the ones that are going to impact not only me, but my husband and kids.  A new job, a new aspect to the farm, or plans for the new yard site.

This year is the year where I will be making my choices for me and not anyone else.  I will also be teaching my kids how to make the right choices for them, I will honouring the choices those around me make and I will not beat myself up for making a bad choice.

Working on yourself is not selfish it’s selfless


Here are my favorites for the year so far, You can search and find them on most social media.

  • Lori Harder
  • Lewis Howes (just started his book)
  • OolaGuru and Oolaseeker  the book OOLA Life is the top of my favorite list
  • Gary Tomas
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin (podcast)
  • The Yes Effect (podcast)
  • Fallon Taylor
  • Dr. John Demartini

My people that inspire me the most are those that are in my squad.  I  love these girls, they truly help me be the best me.




Personal Deveolpment

Personal development.  What it means to me. 10-2

Several years ago I was involved in a horseback riding accident.  It was a giant turning point for me.  I suffered a major concussion. It was one 30 second ride that changed my life for ever.  At this point I knew I had to change the way I was living.  In more ways than one, I had to changes I had to make were health, mental, fitness, friends, diet and a way of thinking.

Personal development for me is reaching out of my comfort zone and a learning something new and trying to improve myself.

In these three years many things have changed and developed for me.  I didn’t know it at the time however I know it now that this was the start of my personal development .I have always said I wanted to find out who I was.  I have always felt like I was doing things because other people said I was good at them or that I should try doing them.  I can finally say I am now doing the things I want to do.  I may not be great at them. I am good at them and I will continue to learn and try new things.

A couple of ways that I work on my personal development is by surrounding myself with people who are also trying to better themselves, I read a lot of books, listen to many podcasts, read  internet articles, I follow social media that I find motivational and I set myself some really scary goals.  The most important part is that I tell people these amazing  goals and I make them visual every day.  Each day I make an attempt to do something to bring me loser to those goals.

The really tough goals are attainable.  Trust me I know, I have achieved one of the most unbelievable goals ever.  I had so many people who said I couldn’t do it.  Guess what I did it and I will do the other goals I have set.  I may not finish them this year or next year or even in 10 years.

Setting positive goals, finding the positive in a negative situation, writing things down, making a plan, treating my body well, and spending an equal amount of time on all aspect of my life.

Here is a couple, not all of my crazy wonderful amazing Goals:

  • Earning $100,000 a year
  • Have $50,000 in savings while having no debt
  • Take Ian and the Kids on a trip overseas
  • Compete in a Spartan Sprint race


These goals make me shake in my boots. Now time to get going and working on me to make these dreams come true,




The number on the Scale


I have felt overweight or thought I was overweight since I was pre teen.  I look back at pictures from my teen years and think wow I wasn’t fat. Then ask myself why I thought I was. The reason I thought I was because teen girls are cruel.  I was called names, I was excluded from things, I was told I couldn’t do things because I was fat.  It not only came from peers there were times that family would also do and say things to let me know I was too heavy. So that is what I came to believe.

Truth be told I was actually a beautiful young lady, I had ok grades and when I did something I gave it 110% and was usually good at it.  I showed horses and cattle, I played the flute and had many responsibilities at home and school.  I was a very well-rounded person. However I let what everyone else made me think I often suffered from depression, was quiet and often kept to myself.

A little history between highschool and today in very short form. I moved out of my parents home and away from my horses and the weight started to be put on.  Dealt poorly with some health issues, never learnt about nutrition and had a couple of babies. The weight kept coming on and on and on.  reaching my heaviest with my second pregnancy at 275 pound and continue to battle depression.

I still struggle with listening to others instead of what I hear in my heart. So I often tell myself that when I lose X amount of weight then I will do this with my horse, I will be able to run this fast, I will be able to try more sports and I will be a happier.  I have had people tell me sure you can do that but you won’t be any good at it because you are too big.  You will get hurt if you do that because of your weight.  Just over the last month or so I have come to understand that my happiest is not defined my weight, and I can reach my health and fitness goals with my size.

My youngest is now 8 and I am struggling with my weight.  However now I have learnt and am still learning about nutrition, and  I have tackled my fitness head on.

I have two young children one of which is a girl and I am trying to teach them how to think positively about themselves and how to encourage others.  Just because some one says you can’t do something doesn’t mean that you can’t.  You can do anything that you want it will take time and hard work.  I am teaching them about food, fitness, mental health, general health and that the number is not the most important thing.  The kids watch me struggle with my weight however they also watch me achieve great things.  They have watched me run many races, work hard with learning to ride horses again, lifting weights and trying new things.


Welcome to 2017.

Are you a person who sets resolutions?

I am.

With that I can usually maintain it for a month or maybe two if I am really good.  With the difference of last year.  2016 I had set the resolution to become more fit. I did and I maintained right into 2017. I did 5 races in 2016 including a half marathon, a 10k, and 3 5km.  I did lost of biking with the kids in the summer and I rode my horse more than I have in several years.

I rocked 2016 which tells me that 2017 is going to be unbelievable.  I am going to share with you my vision for 2017.

I will continue to grow in my running.  I will run a 10 minute Mile

I will start weight lifting again.

I will ride my horse 1-3 times a week.

I will find the foods that fuel my body the best.

I will increase my knowledge on training and nutrition.

Post a blog once a week.

I am sharing these with you so that you can hold me accountable.

If you want to follow me more you can find me on instagram at @farmfitma, I post most of my workouts,  health, fitness and motivational quotes there.


Here are some of my favoritie pictures from 2016


I started 2017 out with a 5km run on January 1st.  I hit a new personal best 39.17.  I am so happy that I set a good start for the year.  Stick by and watch me grow

End of my first 5km for 2017.