Welcome to 2017.

Are you a person who sets resolutions?

I am.

With that I can usually maintain it for a month or maybe two if I am really good.  With the difference of last year.  2016 I had set the resolution to become more fit. I did and I maintained right into 2017. I did 5 races in 2016 including a half marathon, a 10k, and 3 5km.  I did lost of biking with the kids in the summer and I rode my horse more than I have in several years.

I rocked 2016 which tells me that 2017 is going to be unbelievable.  I am going to share with you my vision for 2017.

I will continue to grow in my running.  I will run a 10 minute Mile

I will start weight lifting again.

I will ride my horse 1-3 times a week.

I will find the foods that fuel my body the best.

I will increase my knowledge on training and nutrition.

Post a blog once a week.

I am sharing these with you so that you can hold me accountable.

If you want to follow me more you can find me on instagram at @farmfitma, I post most of my workouts,  health, fitness and motivational quotes there.


Here are some of my favoritie pictures from 2016


I started 2017 out with a 5km run on January 1st.  I hit a new personal best 39.17.  I am so happy that I set a good start for the year.  Stick by and watch me grow

End of my first 5km for 2017.




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