Personal Deveolpment

Personal development.  What it means to me. 10-2

Several years ago I was involved in a horseback riding accident.  It was a giant turning point for me.  I suffered a major concussion. It was one 30 second ride that changed my life for ever.  At this point I knew I had to change the way I was living.  In more ways than one, I had to changes I had to make were health, mental, fitness, friends, diet and a way of thinking.

Personal development for me is reaching out of my comfort zone and a learning something new and trying to improve myself.

In these three years many things have changed and developed for me.  I didn’t know it at the time however I know it now that this was the start of my personal development .I have always said I wanted to find out who I was.  I have always felt like I was doing things because other people said I was good at them or that I should try doing them.  I can finally say I am now doing the things I want to do.  I may not be great at them. I am good at them and I will continue to learn and try new things.

A couple of ways that I work on my personal development is by surrounding myself with people who are also trying to better themselves, I read a lot of books, listen to many podcasts, read  internet articles, I follow social media that I find motivational and I set myself some really scary goals.  The most important part is that I tell people these amazing  goals and I make them visual every day.  Each day I make an attempt to do something to bring me loser to those goals.

The really tough goals are attainable.  Trust me I know, I have achieved one of the most unbelievable goals ever.  I had so many people who said I couldn’t do it.  Guess what I did it and I will do the other goals I have set.  I may not finish them this year or next year or even in 10 years.

Setting positive goals, finding the positive in a negative situation, writing things down, making a plan, treating my body well, and spending an equal amount of time on all aspect of my life.

Here is a couple, not all of my crazy wonderful amazing Goals:

  • Earning $100,000 a year
  • Have $50,000 in savings while having no debt
  • Take Ian and the Kids on a trip overseas
  • Compete in a Spartan Sprint race


These goals make me shake in my boots. Now time to get going and working on me to make these dreams come true,





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