I am all about personal development and goals this year.  This means I am reading lots, of books, following inspiring people on social media and listening to many podcasts. Look at the bottom of this blog for my favorites.  The one thing I find that lots of these things have in common is how they stress the importance of the choices that we make.

I can give you a million (well maybe not a million) excuses as to why I have not achieved many of my goals over the years.  However in reality I didn’t reach these goals because of the choices that I made.  Call it low self-esteem, self sabotage or lazy. It is ony because I made the choices that I felt were easier at the time.

Now that I recognize that I have to make harder choices.  It means digging deep and being really raw with myself.  Some of the choices that I may make will be hard on other people, the thing that I have to remember is that it is about how it makes me feel not how other people feel.  Dont get me wrong I am not going out there to try to hurt people, I am going out there to be the best me possible.  

The choices we have to make daily are everything from very simple to very complex. Many of the choices that we make we don’t even know we are making them.  Those are the ones that could be impacting your life the most.  The little choices that I make that have become habits can be the ones that are damaging me the most.  Reaching for the sweet food instead of the veggie or fruit.  Having a cup of coffee instead of a glass of water. There are the ones that are going to impact not only me, but my husband and kids.  A new job, a new aspect to the farm, or plans for the new yard site.

This year is the year where I will be making my choices for me and not anyone else.  I will also be teaching my kids how to make the right choices for them, I will honouring the choices those around me make and I will not beat myself up for making a bad choice.

Working on yourself is not selfish it’s selfless


Here are my favorites for the year so far, You can search and find them on most social media.

  • Lori Harder
  • Lewis Howes (just started his book)
  • OolaGuru and Oolaseeker  the book OOLA Life is the top of my favorite list
  • Gary Tomas
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin (podcast)
  • The Yes Effect (podcast)
  • Fallon Taylor
  • Dr. John Demartini

My people that inspire me the most are those that are in my squad.  I  love these girls, they truly help me be the best me.




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