This year is a big year for me. 

I plan on growing lots, in all sorts or areas.  Health, fitness, family, and mental health. 

To do this I am reading lots of books, listening to podcasts and most importantly having a strong community to support me. I call this community my tribe. 

I have filled my tribe with women who I value as friends and who I feel have qualities that will not only help me grow, they will help the other women of the tribe to grow. 

I have lofty dreams of this tribe helping all of us each goals that we thought we couldn’t reach.  Help people conquer had times in life and make each of us be the best us ever. 

It has been tough and I don’t think the struggle of finding the right people is over.  All the people I add have qualities that I love however I think as time goes on I grow they grow and we need to part ways. This doesn’t mean I don’t want to be their friend it just means that I don’t feel like they are helping me grow anymore. 

It’s a fairly new concept in the area that I live in and not many understand how it works. 

Do you want to grow? Do you want to be the best you possible? Do you want to surround yourself with positive uplifting people?  If yes then please contact me and let’s chat. 


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