A few days ago on social media, a health and fitness person did a short video and it made me realize how important our words are.

In this particular post they had stated how their 27 minute 5Km treadmill run was not a respectable time.  These words hurt and I have been stewing over them for several days. That brings me to this blog.

As an individual in the fitness world who post on social media on a regular basis.  I have some to learn how every important my words are.  I have come to learn that many people move their bodies every day because they have watched my journey.  I want to keep motivating and encouraging people.  I don’t want my words to hurt or deter anyone.

If you are out there and you are moving your body for 5km, 10, km or more that is an accomplishment all in its own.  the amount of time that it takes you to do it really is only relative to you.

If you are lifting weights, the amount you are lifting is only relative to you.

If you are out there working towards a healthier more fit you the numbers that go along with that are only important to you.  However if you are out there and trying to win a competition then yes the numbers matter.

It’s a matter of comparing your numbers to someone elses.  If you are highly competitive like I am than seeing and hearing these numbers can be somewhat difficult.  For the most part they continue to push me harder. The odd time they make me think what is the point of trying if my time is no goo anyways.  With that being said when I post about my numbers  I try to make then relative to me and not compare them to anyone elses numbers.  I want to give hope to people that you can get better and faster.

Next time you go and make a post on social media remember no matter how slow you are moving or how light you are lifting there is someone looking at you and thinking wow I want to be like them. Make your numbers about you and only you

So to all of you out there working your butt off and feeling like you are going no where fast.  I am proud of you.  I am cheering for you.  Job well done and keep up the good work.  My advice to all of you is keep track of your workouts and runs so that in the future you can look back and go wow have I ever improved.




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