This post is moving to the homestead side of me.

Its chick time here.  This week we hatched out 38 mixed breed chicks.

3 weeks ago I placed eggs into the incubator and am happy to announce that 86% hatched.  Fingers crossed more of them are hens than roosters.

These babies are cute little fluffy bums. there is yellow, red and black.  In 6 months they should start laying eggs.  I love being able to provide my family with food that we know where it comes from, love being able to hatch out replacement hens and the sale of eggs, chicks, and older hens is some nice play money.

My eggs range in colour from brown, blue, green, olive green and the odd white one.

Each of the farm kids have their own birds and they decide if they want to breed them or just have them around to enjoy.

Spring at the farm is coming.  Time for more chicks and planning the garden

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