Do you struggle with getting everything you want to do done in a day?

I do.  Always have

I often get asked ” Since you don’t work what do you do with all your spare time?”.

What I have spare time? Is there something that you know that I don’t.

I use to call myself a stay at home mom, which I am, however I am also a work from home mom.  I also operate a custom quilting and heirloom gifts business.

I don’t often have spare time, with that being said I look back a couple years and remember thinking I don’t have the time to workout.  It use to stress me to no end to try and fit in exercise.  Now I workout for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  I cant even remember what I have cut out to fit that in.

At the end of 2016 I was feeling like my life was too full.  My plate was too full.  I needed to change something or I was going to crumble. I started to do some research and found some information about time blocking.

Wow what a game changer.  I have Monday to Friday from 8-330 completely time blocked.  During this time I have set up time for housework, meal planning, animal care, exercise, blogging, quilting, groceries, budget, worship and also free time.  The one thing that I have found I love the best about this is that I have so much more free time then I thought I did, Don’t you worry I have lots to fill it with.

This plan is not set in stone, when the farmkids have no school it changes a bit, it also changes when farmpa is home.  I have set it up with enough empty blocks that I can move it around a little so that I can fit friends and unexpected events in.

Even now I sit done to do my time blocking and see a free 15 minutes and want to fill it up, I don’t.  Some times 15 minutes is needed to close my eyes. How did that happen a couple months ago I felt like I didn’t have a spare moment never mind 15 minutes.  The closer that I follow my time blocking the more free time that I have, items don’t pile up, for example cleaning the house for 15 minutes everyday, after a couple weeks you will find that you won’t need 15 minutes.

Another thing that I have started to do to give myself more time is giving the farmkids more responsibilities.  Not only is it benefiting me it is helping them lots.  Trust me its tough as farmpa and I like things done a certain way and have to lower our standards a little.  The farmkids are getting better and complaining far less then they were a month ago.

If you are feeling like there is not enough time in a day.  Stop and sit down and do some time blocking.




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