Pet peeves. 

We all have them. Some irritate us more then others.   

What is your biggest pet peeve? 

Right now I am very focus on my health. Including my nutrition, fitness and mental health. 

Which means these are where I am finding most of my pet peeves lately. 

I am going to briefly talk about my three biggest pet peeves right now.  

Number 1

When someone who is of average body weight starts a weight loss plan and continually talks about how they use to be over weight.  As a person who is over weight, actually if you go by BMI I am considered obese. This drives me crazy. Yes I think it is amazing a great when anyone meets their own weight loss goals however don’t make it out to be more then it was.  I am very open about my weight loss and it is for health as well being not just too look better in a bathing suit.  

Number 2 

Now this one makes me sound like a through and through running snob. 

You are only a marathoner when you have completed a marathon. A full 42.2 km.  

If you have run 2 half marathons (21.1km each)you are not a marathoner. 

It is a huge achievement to run any distance race. It takes weeks and weeks of training.  I am in my 6th week of training for my 2nd half marathon, in no way shape or form am I a marathoner. I will only be a marathoner when I run a full 42.2km. 

Number 3 

Now this one could be viewed as jealous. However I can say I am not jealous of the next group of people, I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to give up a day of my life to live one of theirs.  

Motivational speakers who’s lows are higher then mosts people’s highs.  When your low spot in life was when you could only own one home instead of three, when you have to only have your nanny part time, having to cook your own meals or not travel over seas every couple of months.  

I have had many ups and downs in my life over the years. However I know that I have not struggled near as much as others have.  There are days when I think things can’t get worse. Then with a moment or two of reflection I see how blessed and extremely lucky I am.  

My biggest struggle with pet peeves right now is letting them go. It really doesn’t affect me. Dwelling on them will only bring me down. So instead I just need to shake my head and let it slide if my back and carry on with my journey. 



I love shoes. 

Boots, sandals, heels, runners any kind of shoe really. I love them all. 

As of lately when on my long runs, I have been losing the feeling in one of my feet. So today I made the trek into BrainSport in Saskatoon and did the great runner search. It appears that my old runners were made two different widths.  The smaller one is the one that I have been losing the feeling in.  

So after trying on more then 10 pairs of runners I am back to the brand and shoe that I was wearing two years ago. Kinda a boring colour, which drives me a little crazy. I am sure I will get over it.  

I am not sure exactly how to break in a new pair of runners especially when the old ones make my foot go numb. 

When I got home from the city I laced them up and hit the treadmill. 8km later and my feet were feeling great.  

I feel very strongly that if you are running long distances that you go to a professional running store and have someone help you find the perfect pair of shoes.  

Farm workout

A side from my five days a week of running, I also do chores 7 days a week.

Chores in the winter and summer are very different here on our hobby farm.

A day of winter chores for me looks like the following:

2 five gallon pails of grain to the pigs once a day (100 feet)

2 five gallon pails of water to the pigs once a day ( 250 feet)

1 five gallon pail of water  to the chickens once a day (250 feet)

hauling the 100ft of hose from the basement out to water horses once every other day (300ft)

I don’t count the food I lug around for the chickens as it’s not that far.

The thing to remember is I do this with insulated coveralls, winter jacket, winter boots, mitts and toque.  Through the snow and mud.

I also ride my horse on days that I find warm enough.

Summer chores.

Hauling hose daily to all the animals.  The nice part about this is the hose is already outside, and I just have to drag it around the different parts of the farm.

Cleaning out barns

Planting garden then pulling weeds daily

Riding my horse whenever I have the chance.

Picking up dog dodo.

Cutting grass

Tending flower beds


I love farm life and I am always looking for ways to make doing chores more of a workout.  If I can spend the time outside doing chores instead of being in the house sign me up.

Some days I would love a day off and we do go camping in the summer and have someone look after the farm, by the second day I am missing my animals, my space and my quiet.


Half Marathon 2

I did it again.  I signed up for a half marathon. So begins run training.

I have 11 weeks until the Saskatchewan Marathon, where I will be running the half marathon. My husband and kids are very supportive and doing all they can to help me get ready for this race.

I am following the same plan that I did last year with the Brainsport Run Academy. There are a few differences from last years training and this years training.  The main difference being that I have way more run experience now.  I am training on my own and not with a group. I am running for me and not to prove to others that I can do it. I am making a few adjustments to the training plan, adding in a few more tempo runs and also a few more hills.

Last year I had not run farther than 5km when I started training.  I was scared and I was slow.  Each run was not only a physical challenge it was a mental challenge.  This year I have run all the distances before.  I know that I can run them.  The challenge comes in not beating myself up for not getting way faster.  I have set a time goal for myself and don’t plan on sharing it with anyone at this point so when my runs are slower than last year I really get hard on myself. I have to remember that I am the beginning of my training and I will get a little faster as I go.  I am only one week into my training and prior to this week for the last two months I have only been running 10 minutes a day 5 days a week.  It is a big jump in mileage and my body needs a little time to adjust.

A few things that I am doing to help my adjust and perform better this year than last.

I now have all my massage appointments booked.  It is a huge bonus that the RMT that I see is also a runner. She is always so willing to answer my questions.

I also have all my chiropractor appointments booked.

I am foam rolling after each run, even if I feel like I don’t need it.

I am doing more cross training.

I have changed my diet to better suit my health needs.

I plan on being able to ring the personal best bell again this year.  This year the bell will mean so much more then last year.  Last year I had nothing to compare to so just finishing was a huge accomplishment in itself, this year I know what to expect and how to handle things on race race a little different.

What is your favourite part of training for a race?  What is the one thing that you have to do?  If you don’t run, What is holding you back? Do you have any questions you would like me to answer.

Off to run see you next week



Self Love

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Over the last week I have been taking part in a soul stretching challenge.  Each day being emailed a new task to do to stretch your soul.

When I started tis I was nervous and anxious.  I was scared of what some of these tasks were going to be.  What dark secrets that I keep hidden deep inside were going to be pulled out and I was going to have to deal with them.

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I was pleasantly surprised.  Each day the tasks were seemingly simple.  To be honest , I was begining to think that starting to think that this challenge was a waste of my time.

Each task that was given you were to do each day for the entire seven days.  I was really looking forward to this day 8 morning and not having to do any of my tasks.

Guess what I can’t.

I can’t go back to treating myself as poorly as I was two weeks ago.  Two weeks ago I was always beating myself up for every little mistake I would make.  It was fuelling myself with caffeine and sugar just to get through the day and then beating myself up at bedtime when I would see the plus size woman standing in the mirror looking back at me .  I love sending that one person a day an uplifting text just letting them know how much they mean to me.  knowing that I out a little pep into their step for the day.  Taking the item in my home that are causing me negative feeling and sharing them with others who truly need them.  Right after the farmkids got on the school bus this morning I jumped on the treadmill and did a six km run, now as I sit here I am sitting in some comfortable yoga pants and a sweater and thinking that I need to go change into some jeans, as I feel so much more productive when I am not wearing my active gear.  Here is the big one.

Yesterday on day seven I had to write a love letter to myself.  It was tough, and I mean really tough.  I cried, I laughed and I smiled as I wrote the letter and it even inspired me to sign up for a half marathon in the spring.  Wow how powerful is that.  You know what is more powerful than that.  I woke up this morning and I love me and I have faith in myself.  I feel like I am on fire, I can accomplish all my goals.  who knew writing myself a love letter was going to impact me so very much.

Do you want to grow and find your self-love?

I suggest that you search Alexi Panos on Facebook and Instagram.  She shared all the tasks as well as many other inspiring post.

I am not done this challenge.  I will continue this challenge everyday and in a couple of months I am going to start over and do it again.

Hoping everyone has an amazing uplifting and productive week.

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