Half Marathon 2

I did it again.  I signed up for a half marathon. So begins run training.

I have 11 weeks until the Saskatchewan Marathon, where I will be running the half marathon. My husband and kids are very supportive and doing all they can to help me get ready for this race.

I am following the same plan that I did last year with the Brainsport Run Academy. There are a few differences from last years training and this years training.  The main difference being that I have way more run experience now.  I am training on my own and not with a group. I am running for me and not to prove to others that I can do it. I am making a few adjustments to the training plan, adding in a few more tempo runs and also a few more hills.

Last year I had not run farther than 5km when I started training.  I was scared and I was slow.  Each run was not only a physical challenge it was a mental challenge.  This year I have run all the distances before.  I know that I can run them.  The challenge comes in not beating myself up for not getting way faster.  I have set a time goal for myself and don’t plan on sharing it with anyone at this point so when my runs are slower than last year I really get hard on myself. I have to remember that I am the beginning of my training and I will get a little faster as I go.  I am only one week into my training and prior to this week for the last two months I have only been running 10 minutes a day 5 days a week.  It is a big jump in mileage and my body needs a little time to adjust.

A few things that I am doing to help my adjust and perform better this year than last.

I now have all my massage appointments booked.  It is a huge bonus that the RMT that I see is also a runner. She is always so willing to answer my questions.

I also have all my chiropractor appointments booked.

I am foam rolling after each run, even if I feel like I don’t need it.

I am doing more cross training.

I have changed my diet to better suit my health needs.

I plan on being able to ring the personal best bell again this year.  This year the bell will mean so much more then last year.  Last year I had nothing to compare to so just finishing was a huge accomplishment in itself, this year I know what to expect and how to handle things on race race a little different.

What is your favourite part of training for a race?  What is the one thing that you have to do?  If you don’t run, What is holding you back? Do you have any questions you would like me to answer.

Off to run see you next week




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