Farm workout

A side from my five days a week of running, I also do chores 7 days a week.

Chores in the winter and summer are very different here on our hobby farm.

A day of winter chores for me looks like the following:

2 five gallon pails of grain to the pigs once a day (100 feet)

2 five gallon pails of water to the pigs once a day ( 250 feet)

1 five gallon pail of water  to the chickens once a day (250 feet)

hauling the 100ft of hose from the basement out to water horses once every other day (300ft)

I don’t count the food I lug around for the chickens as it’s not that far.

The thing to remember is I do this with insulated coveralls, winter jacket, winter boots, mitts and toque.  Through the snow and mud.

I also ride my horse on days that I find warm enough.

Summer chores.

Hauling hose daily to all the animals.  The nice part about this is the hose is already outside, and I just have to drag it around the different parts of the farm.

Cleaning out barns

Planting garden then pulling weeds daily

Riding my horse whenever I have the chance.

Picking up dog dodo.

Cutting grass

Tending flower beds


I love farm life and I am always looking for ways to make doing chores more of a workout.  If I can spend the time outside doing chores instead of being in the house sign me up.

Some days I would love a day off and we do go camping in the summer and have someone look after the farm, by the second day I am missing my animals, my space and my quiet.



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