I love shoes. 

Boots, sandals, heels, runners any kind of shoe really. I love them all. 

As of lately when on my long runs, I have been losing the feeling in one of my feet. So today I made the trek into BrainSport in Saskatoon and did the great runner search. It appears that my old runners were made two different widths.  The smaller one is the one that I have been losing the feeling in.  

So after trying on more then 10 pairs of runners I am back to the brand and shoe that I was wearing two years ago. Kinda a boring colour, which drives me a little crazy. I am sure I will get over it.  

I am not sure exactly how to break in a new pair of runners especially when the old ones make my foot go numb. 

When I got home from the city I laced them up and hit the treadmill. 8km later and my feet were feeling great.  

I feel very strongly that if you are running long distances that you go to a professional running store and have someone help you find the perfect pair of shoes.  


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