Pet peeves. 

We all have them. Some irritate us more then others.   

What is your biggest pet peeve? 

Right now I am very focus on my health. Including my nutrition, fitness and mental health. 

Which means these are where I am finding most of my pet peeves lately. 

I am going to briefly talk about my three biggest pet peeves right now.  

Number 1

When someone who is of average body weight starts a weight loss plan and continually talks about how they use to be over weight.  As a person who is over weight, actually if you go by BMI I am considered obese. This drives me crazy. Yes I think it is amazing a great when anyone meets their own weight loss goals however don’t make it out to be more then it was.  I am very open about my weight loss and it is for health as well being not just too look better in a bathing suit.  

Number 2 

Now this one makes me sound like a through and through running snob. 

You are only a marathoner when you have completed a marathon. A full 42.2 km.  

If you have run 2 half marathons (21.1km each)you are not a marathoner. 

It is a huge achievement to run any distance race. It takes weeks and weeks of training.  I am in my 6th week of training for my 2nd half marathon, in no way shape or form am I a marathoner. I will only be a marathoner when I run a full 42.2km. 

Number 3 

Now this one could be viewed as jealous. However I can say I am not jealous of the next group of people, I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to give up a day of my life to live one of theirs.  

Motivational speakers who’s lows are higher then mosts people’s highs.  When your low spot in life was when you could only own one home instead of three, when you have to only have your nanny part time, having to cook your own meals or not travel over seas every couple of months.  

I have had many ups and downs in my life over the years. However I know that I have not struggled near as much as others have.  There are days when I think things can’t get worse. Then with a moment or two of reflection I see how blessed and extremely lucky I am.  

My biggest struggle with pet peeves right now is letting them go. It really doesn’t affect me. Dwelling on them will only bring me down. So instead I just need to shake my head and let it slide if my back and carry on with my journey. 


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