The first and most important to me value. Family. 

Family can be different for everyone.  For me family includes my husband and children. Then our (my husband and I) parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and grandparents.  For others it could also include Aunts, Uncles, cousins, adoptive or birth parents, and really close friends 

As a work from home Mom, I spend lots of time on my family. Some days it feels like that’s all I do. 

Currently I am trying to build stronger bonds with my husband and both children. There are several things that I do daily to achieve this. 

With my husband. I pray for him morning and night. I also have a book that I write one thing that I love or appreciate about him everyday, even on the days that it is hard to find something.  We keep a picture frame on the island in our kitchen, where I write special notes to my husband about the things he does to make me feel extra special.  

My husband and I have two children a 10 year old girl and a 8 year old boy.  I really struggle day to day to find the time to spend some alone time with each one.  I do pray for them twice and sometimes more each day. I try and spend 10 or 15 minutes a day with just them. Usually for my son we spend this time doing his reading for the day.  I am struggling more with my daughter as she believes she is too cool to spend time with mom, which I am ok with.  I just want to make sure she knows I am always here for her.  My daughter and I do ride together weekly and I hope as the weather gets nicer we will be doing this more often. 

When I read this blog back to myself at least as far as I have gotten so far. I think “WOW. I got this “. Then I remember the goals I want to share these with you. I have have several little goals to get to the big giant goal. I am going to share with you the two big giant goals I have. These two goals currently don’t have a to be done by date. There are two of them because one is a husband and I goal and the other is a family and I goal. 

Dream one 

For Farmfitpa and I to go on a kids free weekend holiday. In the perfect world this would include somewhere we could take the bikes or the horses. 

Dream two. 

The Farmfitfamily goal is to take an over seas holiday.  10 days where we leave the farm behind us and explore a part of the world together that none of us have been to before.  

“Goals are the milestones to teaching your dreams ” The Oolaguys. 

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Thanks for stopping by this week. 

Have an amazing week 



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