Week two of the seven key areas of life that I try to keep balanced.  This week I will be talking about friends.

Now just to make it very clear I am not talking about my friends personally , only about the relationships I have with them and how I interact with them.

For as long as I can remember I have been the doing friend.  I am the person that will go out of my way and give up things for myself to help my friends.

As a work from home mom, I find it very difficult to make the time to spend time with friends.

I have started a private Facebook chat with a group of women who I am close to.  I call them my tribe.  Each one of them brings something special to the group.  Some of them are really close friends, some are new friends and some are acquaintances that I hope to build into friendships.  Some of them know each other and some no one else in the group other than me.  Right now this is a huge support group for me and I hope with time the others become friends to and it can be a support group for all of us.

I am a needy friend.  I am a talker and a doer.  I am also an open book, I share lots with those who are close to me and if someone is going through something that I have been through I share what I did to help me through it.  I also find that I get hurt very easily, I take things so personal.  I often over react to the little things and damage the friendship.

My goals for the friends area my life are as follows:

  • to become a better listener
  • to spend more time one on one with my friends
  • to expand my small circle and let others in
  • to have a supper date with friends once a month.  This could be our house o theirs
  • stop, think, think some more, and then approach the friend when I have a conflict


My Dreams for my friends are:

  • a girls weekend (it is in the planning for January)
  • a friends and family holiday

The friends category is a tough one and very much dependant on the person.  Some people like being on their own and others are so very social.  Some people who work in a very socail job where they have clients, it can be difficult to have a very clear line between friend and client.  There is also making the difference between friend and acquaintance.


Church, horse, chicken, child, quilting, crafts, and family friends  I love you all and hope to become a better friend.




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