Good evening WordPress family and friends. A new week a new topic. I felt it necessary to speak on field or vocation this week. 

Why? You may ask.  Well I added another vocational hat to my head this week  and started working outside the home, a little more on that later.  

Vocation or field. This is what you get up and do every day. Many people these days have more then one field or vocation. I for example have many, I am a homemaker, a quilter, a homesteader, a mother and now an employee for a company.   

I can’t really speak on everyone else’s behalf however your vocation can be anything you want it to be.  

When I started this journey of balance back in January this was one of the hardest places for me to look at. All I saw myself as was a stay at home mom. How can that be any different then what it sounds like.  It took lots of thinking and talking with friends, and professionals to see how many different ways a stay at home mom can look.  I decided that stay at home mom and homemaker were now combined. I was going to be the best at both that I possible could. Contrary to what some might believe this didn’t mean doing everything for all the members of my household, it meant teaching my children how to do different household chores, scheduling time for cleaning, budgeting, yard work and outdoor chores so that my husband didn’t have as much to do when he got home so we could spend the time he was home together as a family.  Oddly enough when this all fell into place it freed up more time for me to do other things that bring me joy. I had time to promote and Market my custom quilting and sewing and get this blog going more regularly. Now I even have time to fit in working 30 hours a week outside the home. It’s a bit of a struggle at the moment, however we haven’t even finished week one.  

Finding what you love and finding a way to make a profit at it can be difficult and frustrating. You just have to keep plugging away. Sometimes it also means accepting that the pay may not be what you expected. I have never thought being a mom or a wife as a job and it has always bothered me that I was not bringing in any money to our household. I now realize watching my children and seeing what they can do and the kind words they and my husband give me that’s all the pay I need.  I do realize that is not good enough for everyone and most people need a paycheck.  The best advice I can give is find something you enjoy doing, if you pick a job you hate you won’t do well at it. However if you do enjoy it, you will continue to grow in the company and make more and more.  

My quilting and sewing has been a love of mine for a decade now and my husband has always been supportive of my hobby.  In the pst I have tried to make it into a business and failed. This year I am putting my heart and soul into my work and making sure to pay myself with each job. Low and behold even though my prices are higher I am getting more jobs then I ever have before. 

Because we are on a debt free plan here I have been looking for a part time job that I will enjoy however not take all my time away from home. It’s a lot harder then it sounds. I wasn’t going to just do any job. It had to be a job at a cononay I believed in, it had to pay well enough to cover my expenses to get to work plus some for the debt.  I had about given up, then came the phone call. Working for an online health food store, shipping out orders for them, working only when my kids are at school. Yay. A little extra money, still home with the kids and I believe in what the store is selling. 

Now onto my goals and dreams. 

Maintain a profitable business from home for one year. 

Continue to add value to each of my children’s lives   

Provide a healthy, happy home for my family. 

My dream is a big one. It’s way out there and I have lots of work todo to get there. 

Earn $100,000 in one year from the homestead and my quilting and sewing. 

So there you have it.  My field/vocation in a nutshell. As always if you want to talk more about this topic shoot me a message. Make sure to click the follow button to keep up with me. You can also find more about the homestead and quilting/sewing at the following places. 

Our website
Or on Facebook
I will leave you with a few photos that sum up my field. 


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