New week, new topic. This week is kinda a two part topic. What do I exactly mean by that?  Well fitness has a physical health aspect to it as well so this week I am going to cover fitness and physical health. 

In the last four years I have found that my physical health has been greatly impacted on what I put into my body.  I completely change the way I thought about eating. I use to just eat and eat whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted. If I was happy, sad, mad or any other feeling you can think of it meant putting food into my mouth. This made me overweight, tired and unhappy. I thought it was just the way I was made to be.  Then I learned to fuel my body, giving my body the nutrition it needed to repair itself and to power myself through exercise. I personal do best when I follow a paleo diet. Do I fall off the wagon? Of course I do. Then I jump back on and feel amazing.  I sleep better, my emotions are more balanced and overall I have more energy. 


This is a big one for me. As a preteen I was very active playing soccer, running in track and field and playing any sport I could in school.  As a teenager my family moved to a rural community and I became somewhat more sedentary. By the time I was 16 I started riding horses and riding my bike more and more however that was it for exercise. From my early 20’s until just a few years ago the only thing keeping me moving was riding my horse and that didn’t happen very often.  

Now I realize how much I love to exercise and how much my body loves to move.  Running, biking, lifting weights, swimming and riding my horse. These are the things my body thrives off of. 

This is actually a really tough week for me as I was suppose to be running a half marathon on the weekend and I had to drop out.  It was causing me more damage then good. Joints were starting to break down and I was starting to hate running.   A week after I stopped running my body feels brand new. I have energy like I haven’t had in months. I was running about 45km a week, riding my horse twice a week and then normal farm chores.  Now that I am not running I am riding twice a week, walking several times a week, body weight exercises daily and lifting heavy  with sprints once a week. I feel great. I will be doing some adjusting as time goes on. This works for now and theough the summer I will be adding more bike riding and horse riding. In the winter it will be more indoor activities. 

I do plan to run again, just not really long distances 5km-10km that will be it for me.  

Onto my goals and dreams. 

In the pst his has always been about a number on the scale or a number on my clothes now however it is about being able to do things. 


  • Be able to do a pull-up 
  • Over head press 100 pounds 
  • 90% of the time eat paleo


  • Complete a spartan sprint race
  • Speak to teenage girls about how to be truly healthy 

Thanks for stopping by. As always if you have any questions please contact me. Enjoy your week 



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