Yesterday was a complete state of Oola for me.  

So many positive and wonderful things.  

However we are just going to focus on the Fun aspect of the day. 

Fun is one of the easiest of the seven values to knowledge, it is also one of the most difficult ones to prioritize. Well at least for me.  

Riding my horse, camping,sleeping in and reading  these are some of the things I find the most fun things. That I try and do.  If you are like me. Everything gets put infront of fun and fun only comes when I finished looking after my family, working, and spending time with my friends.  

Learning how to have fun more often has been difficult for me. I am trying to read a little everyday and riding my horses more and more. I was taught that as a mom that you were the least important person. That you just meet everyone else’s needs before you can begin to meet yours.   I try to at least once a week put myself first. It doesn’t have to be something big and outrageous. It can be something small like the entire family having a reading night or my daughter and I taking the horses out or even just sleeping in. 

How do you fit more fun into your life. Well set aside 5- however many minutes a day or week aside and do something that makes your heart sing.  That puts a smile on your face. Do something that just gets you so excited. It sounds lots easier then it is. It’s tough to find five minutes. For example I really want a nap right now. I am very tired so I have told myself that as soon as I finish this blog post I can have a nap.  I can feel it. It’s almost done. 

Yesterday I reached one of my Oola fun goals. I went fast on my horse. This may seem a little silly to some of you and even sillier to more of you as I have always really and I mean really enjoyed running my horse. It is one of the things I haven’t been able to do since my accident.  It felt amazing a free and wow the power underneath him was amazing. It was just so very Oola.  

Now onto my goals and dreams. 

This week I am going to start with my dreams. 

  • I would love to go on a camping/biking trip with my husband
  • Compete in SBRA (Saskatchewan Barrel Racing Association) not just ride my horse in one, but place in a jackpot. 
  • Read 24 books in a year 


  • Check out camping parks as a family to find the one that Ian and I want to go to 
  • Continue learning about horses 
  • Take riding lessons. 
  • Read every day. 

There you have it. Value 6 Fun.  Hope everyone has an amazing week. Please feel free to follow me, and as always reach out if you have any questions 



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