It’s been a happy go lucky, look how great my life is 8 plus weeks here on the blog.  Now it’s time to get real and get raw. 

We all know the saying the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. So many of us believe it, spend countless hours dreaming about what life would be like if   

I am not an exception from the rule. I have lost many a day day dreaming of looking a certain way, of having a huge perfectly decorated clean house. Name brand clothes, fully loaded vehicles and on and on. 

It wasn’t until today when talking with another mother that I realized how we all want what we don’t have. 

I don’t want to live a life of I wishes. 

I want to live a life if I am so blessed. 

It’s tough to do though. 

I have struggled with being a stay at home mom ever since I became on. Wishing and dreaming of working again.  Now that I am working again, I miss so much about being home. 

I am a plus size woman. I have always been plus size. Well that’s what I have always thought.  Looking back at old pictures I often think wow I wasn’t fat I was really pretty.  A couple weeks ago I left the house on cloud nine feeling like a million dollars. Later seeing a picture of myself I went wow do I ever look like a fat cow.  I go through these emotions a million times a day. The thought of summer and shorts and bathing suits and people seeing me scares me and brings tears to my eyes. 

I can ride my horse well, I want to ride exceptionally, I want to take clinics, I want to be coached. Yet I seem to butt heads with every one I try. Why why why ?  I want and need to learn more.  This is one I still struggle with and I hope to one day find a coach that I really click with.  

Money. The root of all evil. The one thing that controls all. Well truth be told it is only those things if we let it.  For many years farmpa and I let it control us.  One year ago we put our foot down and are taking control of our money. Right now we are living like no other so we can live and give like no other.  

Every once in a while stop and take note of your life.  Over the last 6 months I have really been focusing on being a better wife, mother, friend and now I have to spend a little bit of time being better to me.  It’s time to count my blessings and thank God for each one.  

This post is all over the place, that’s ok because my brain is all over the place right now.  This is a point where I would quit and give up and I tell you that is exactly what I want to do right now.  Guess what not this time. I will not back down. I want to see where this will go if I keep on pushing myself. I am designed for greatness. 




Oh how I love my birds. 

When I was a young teenager the neighbors rooster came chasing after me and since then I have been terrified of birds. Yet some how I have become the crazy chicken lady. Now expanding in guiena fowl and ducks.  

About 5 years ago I went over to a friends house for lunch and came home with 5 hens and so the addiction began. I now hove about 50 hens, a couple roosters, 8 guiena fowl and 8 ducks. Well let’s be honest about the ducks for a moment they are being boarded here, however they kinda feel like they are mine. Please don’t tell banker lady and wood man ok. 

I want to spend some time telling you what I love about all these feathered friends at our house. 

 Let’s start first with the ducks as they are the newest addition. These guys really aren’t to friendly this picture is from my phone all full zoom as hey were waddling away from me.  They are so peaceful, the little quacks they make waddling around the yard. The way they zip across the yard when one sees the perfect bug. They are just really zen for me. 
Next up guiena fowl. Aka the clown bird. 

They are odd looking, they are loud and make the worlds most horrible noises. They are flighty and they are mean to my chickens. So you may be asking why on earth I keep them.  Well that is super easy. They love to eat ticks. The number of ticks that we have this year compared to last has gone down drastically. I will take the noise and craziness. 

My hens. We raise laying hens here and have kinda a mish mash of a bunch of different breeds.  Our eggs are green, blue, brown and various shades within.  No white eggs here.  We have some favourite hens and they have names, not everyone gets a name.  Both farmgirl and farmboy have picked a breed to start raising. Farm girl has picked the Polish. 

Yep the crazy puff head bird that is hers. She has three hens and one roo so far. 

As for farboy well he has picked a turken. Or a naked neck. 

That would be the ones with no neck feathers.  Yep my kids are weird.  Oddly enough the naked necks are a very winter hardy bird and make the oddest chicken/ turkey sound.  In the above picture you will see some naked neck chicks, polish chicks and guiena keets. 

As for farmpa and I we just have some good old barnyard mixes.  I would love to get some cream legbar.  We have an incubator to hatch our own birds. However shipping eggs is risky business and cream legbar eggs are expensive.  So for now we will just stick with what we have. 

I sell our extra eggs for $4 a dozen and do lots of baking and egg eating.  Farm fresh eggs are the best tasting eggs ever.  

Thanks for stopping by and see you next week. 


What an amazing 7 weeks its been.  Sharing with you all the seven key areas of life and what my goals are in them has been life changing.  When you have one thing on your mind so much it is amazing what you can do.

Seven weeks later and I have completed so many of my goals that it is time to change up my goal board.  Yep I have a goal board actually I have two. One board states the seven areas of my life and a huge goal (dream) in each area.  15876944_769549906532530_4482280268706611200_n(1)

The second board has a goal and three steps to achieve that goal in each of the 7 areas.


By the end of the summer I will have one dream done and 4 goals completed.  For me that is huge.  In a short time to have done so much and really not make that big of a change in my life.

Now comes for the big challenge.  Maintaining the balance and finding new balance with my new goals.  In order to reach some of my goals I have had to take on a outside the home job. This is helping lots and also hindering lots.  Time blocking has helped me so much to get what I needed to done and now with being out of the house so much my time blocking has been shot.  I need to sit down and redo it.

Having my husband and kids help out more has helped me lots to find balance.  It means the things we do together are a little different however we are still spending time together.

I have been at this new job for just about a month now and I am starting to find a routine a few  teaks here and there and I will be set.

Life is a series of hills, up and down over and over.  Always changing and always new challenges.  It is what makes life exciting. I use to tread change and now I welcome it as it shows me how strong I am in all areas of life.

I challenge you to start setting goals in your life and teaching your children (if you have them) to also set goals.  They don’t have to be big they just need to be improvements. On that not both my kids have reached goals that I helped them set and they are already working on their next set.

Enjoy your week.  Next week we are moving onto something completely different and new.  Well not super new but not something we have covered. Ready for your hint.  It has feathers.



This week I am going to talk about faith. This topic is a tough one and usually sparks lots of debate. Please remember that this blog is my point view and my beliefs. 

I am a Christian and have been for as long as I can remember. I was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church as an infant. As a child I attended church on Sundays, as I grew older I began to be an alter child and then teach children’s church. After moving away from home I fell away from church. When farmfitpa and I got married we decided that we wanted God present in our family and this meant finding a church. We started going to an Alliance church. I was baptized in the Alliance church about 6 years ago. We are sporadic in how often we attend. 

This is what I have learned about my faith. When I spend the time in my bible and go to church regularly. I am happier, more calm and we function better as a family.  

We teach our children about Gods love and we share our love of God with all our friends. 

Now I would normally tell you my goals and dreams. This is really tough for me as I have just reached one of my faith goals. That goal was to find a home church. We have decided to return and stay with Avalon Alliance in Saskatoon.  With reaching a goal it is time to set some new ones. 

Here you go faith goals are:

  • Read the bible everyday
  • Attend church 3 times a month
  • Do a devotional with my daughter and son each once a week 

Faith dreams are :

  • Speak at events sharing my story
  • Lead a bible study

Enjoy your week. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need support.