What an amazing 7 weeks its been.  Sharing with you all the seven key areas of life and what my goals are in them has been life changing.  When you have one thing on your mind so much it is amazing what you can do.

Seven weeks later and I have completed so many of my goals that it is time to change up my goal board.  Yep I have a goal board actually I have two. One board states the seven areas of my life and a huge goal (dream) in each area.  15876944_769549906532530_4482280268706611200_n(1)

The second board has a goal and three steps to achieve that goal in each of the 7 areas.


By the end of the summer I will have one dream done and 4 goals completed.  For me that is huge.  In a short time to have done so much and really not make that big of a change in my life.

Now comes for the big challenge.  Maintaining the balance and finding new balance with my new goals.  In order to reach some of my goals I have had to take on a outside the home job. This is helping lots and also hindering lots.  Time blocking has helped me so much to get what I needed to done and now with being out of the house so much my time blocking has been shot.  I need to sit down and redo it.

Having my husband and kids help out more has helped me lots to find balance.  It means the things we do together are a little different however we are still spending time together.

I have been at this new job for just about a month now and I am starting to find a routine a few  teaks here and there and I will be set.

Life is a series of hills, up and down over and over.  Always changing and always new challenges.  It is what makes life exciting. I use to tread change and now I welcome it as it shows me how strong I am in all areas of life.

I challenge you to start setting goals in your life and teaching your children (if you have them) to also set goals.  They don’t have to be big they just need to be improvements. On that not both my kids have reached goals that I helped them set and they are already working on their next set.

Enjoy your week.  Next week we are moving onto something completely different and new.  Well not super new but not something we have covered. Ready for your hint.  It has feathers.



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