Make more time

Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough time to do all the things needed to reach your goals.

This is something i have been struggling with lots as of lately.  The Oolaguru, Dr. Troy recently did a Facebook live about four things you could do to make more time.  This is me taking those steps and getting closer to my goals.

  1. Eliminate.  Stop doing things that are taking up too much time and make life more simple. For me that means a couple different things.  I removed Facebook from my phone, I stopped using my farmfitma instagram account and this will be my last blog post on farmfitma (don’t worry I will still be blogging just on a different site.  look for link below).
  2. Automate. Set up automatic bill payment, meal prepping and things like that.  I will be taking advantage of scheduling post on my Facebook business page and I already do meal prepping and automatic bill payment.
  3. Delegate.  Let others do some of the work.  Even if they don’t do it as good as you, they can only get better if you let them practice.  In our home, kids, doing dishes, putting away laundry and cutting the grass is where we are starting.
  4. Make good Choices.  Dont  do things now that could lead to more time-consuming things in the future.  Eat healthy and be active, so you don’t get diabetes or other illness.  This is just what I needed to hear/read to help me maintain and keep focused on eating healthy.

There you have it.  I am making more time.  I am moving all my blogging over to  There I will be talking about all the same things plus some crafty blogs. This blog has been fun and has really helped me grow.  Now its time to help my business and goals grow.  Hope to see you over at the other blog.


Thanks for reading and have an amazing and great day