Is quitting good or bad?

I think it really depends on what you are quitting.  However in most cases quitting is good.

I was raised that if you quit you failed.  You were weak and it wasn’t a good thing to do.  It didn’t matter how much it was hurting you, mentally, physically or in any way.  I was taught to just deal with it and push on.

In the recent months and weeks I have quit several things and each time it was really really difficult.  This nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that I was weak, that I was giving up too soon, that my family and friends were going to think less of me.  Even that you my readers would stop reading.  But guess what. It has felt great and amazing.

The more time I think about quitting the harder it becomes for me to find something that is negative about quitting.  Don’t get me wrong there are some things that are good to quit. For the most part it is a good thing to quit.

Think of all the benefits of quitting, it usually makes you healthier, happier, maybe even make you a little wealthier.  Yep you read that right, quitting can actually make you wealthier.  Take a minute and think about it.  I will give you two examples of how quitting can make you wealthier.  First example.  I quit drinking alcohol , this one is very easy to see how I can save.  I no longer have to spend money buying the actual drink, I don’t have to pay cover to get into a bar, I don’t have to pay for the taxi ride home, or if I chose to drive the possibility of having to pay for a DUI and if that happened the money coming out of my pocket is going to drastically change.  This example is easy to see the cost and how quitting will actually save you money.  The next one is one that I recently did and not normally thought of as a money saver.  Quitting a job.  This is one that I recently did and I had to spend lots of time actually thinking and planning to see if it will save you money like it saved me.  My amount of pay almost didn’t cover the cost of my fuel to get to work and hiring a sitter for the summer, plus the addition that my business was no longer getting the attention that it needed so my sales began to drop.  With me quitting my job I am able to put the time back into my business and make more then when I was working for someone else part time.

Now please everyone don’t run out and quit your job because it saves me money.  Sit down and actually figure it out.  As with anything you plan on quitting make sure it will better you in some way.  Maybe it makes you a better mom, a happier partner, or even just a better you.

The list of things that one can quit is long and never ending.  If you can do it you can quit it.  It all depends on how it impacts your life.

I could share with you all the things that I have quit in my adult life however that list is long and would bore you to death.  So instead here is a list of the things that I have quit that makes me the best me that I can be today.

I Quit:

Living for other people


My out of home job

Hating my body

Being perfect


Do you need to quit something and your not sure how, do any of my recent quits sound really interesting to you.  Please reach out to me and I will do my best to help you with your challenges.  Make sure to hit the follow button to get notified of weekly blogs.  or contact me with any questions.

I am proud to be a quitter



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